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Lipoma Surgery & Repair Before and After Photos

What is Lipoma ?

Lipoma is a non-cancerous, Benign Fatty Tumor. Its like a lump or bump underneath your skin or in muscles which is soft, fluffy and mobile.

What are Causes of Lipoma?

Genetic predisposition, Trauma or injury to the affected area and abnormal fatty tissue growth are some of the causes.

What are the Symptoms?

Mostly no symptoms, its painless. There is Pain if it starts to press nearby nerves. Discomfort during routine work and Cosmetic concern are other worrisome complaints.

Types of Lipoma

  • Superficial lipoma: just under the skin
  • Deep lipoma: in muscles or organs
  • Multiple lipomas: there can be more than one lipomas on your body.

How Diagnosis is made?

It is diagnosed on Physical examination by an expert doctor or surgeon, no specific tests are needed.

If doubtful Imaging tests (e.g., ultrasound, MRI) and needle biopsy (FNAC) may be needed.

Treatment of Lipoma

Observation only is the mainstay approach if it is asymptomatic.

Surgical Excision is the definite and permanent solution which may be required in following situations

  • Symptomatic (painful, discomfort)
  • Cosmetical concerns (specially when on face)

Watch my gallery for pre-op and post-op pictures of lipomas on different parts of the body and you can visit Playlist “Lipoma Excisions” on my youtube channel.

Post-Op care

  • Patient is discharged on same day of operation
  • Oral antibiotics are given for 3 days
  • Painkillers as needed
  • Stitches are removed on day 7-10
  • Patient can resume his/her routine activity on same day of surgery if small lipoma.
  • Patient can take shower on day 3 of operation

Any Questions?

Kindly feel free to contact Dr Tayyab Riaz Ch if you have any queries about Lipoma.

Dr. Tayyab Riaz Ch (MBBS, FCPS) is a Consultant General and Advanced Laparoscopic and Minimal Invasive Surgeon currently working in a tertiary Care Teaching hospital in Faisalabad region of the Punjab, Pakistan.

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