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Seton Treatment of Fistula in Ano – Dr Tayyab Riaz Ch

Seton Treatment of Fistula in Ano is either done as single stage for High Fistulas where Fistulectomy can damage external sphincter muscle leading to incontinence or as two stage procedure where there is Active pus discharge from the fistulous opening (Two way Ruptured Perianal abscess).

There are two types of setons widely used.

  • Loose Draining setons used for fistulas with active sepsis 2
  • Cutting Setons used for High Fistulas or after removal of loose setons.

Dr. Tayyab Riaz Ch (MBBS, FCPS) is a Consultant General and Advanced Laparoscopic and Minimal Invasive Surgeon currently working in a tertiary Care Teaching hospital in Faisalabad region of the Punjab, Pakistan.

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