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Venous Cutdown Technique – Dr Tayyab Riaz Ch

Its saphenous nerve instead of sural nerve which can get damaged (it was mistakenly captioned in video) venous cutdown technique is a surgical procedure to gain venous access for IV Fluid rescuscitation, IV medication and blood sampling. Great saphenous Vein (GSV) is the most common and easily accessible vein used for cut down.

Indications of Venous Cut down

  • When percutaneous IV access is failed
  • Ultrasound-guided venous access is failed
  • Intraosseous vascular access is failed


  • Patient
  • Povidone-iodine or chlorhexidine
  • Inj Xylocaine 2%
  • Surgical blade – 15 or 21 sized
  • Silk 2-0
  • 21G Needle
  • Feeding Tubes – 5 or 6 Fr

Dr. Tayyab Riaz Ch (MBBS, FCPS) is a Consultant General and Advanced Laparoscopic and Minimal Invasive Surgeon currently working in a tertiary Care Teaching hospital in Faisalabad region of the Punjab, Pakistan.

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